Darkstalkers Resurrection: Hsien-Ko and Donovan Character Videos Released

by on February 8, 2013

Darkstalkers-Resurrection-Videos-Week-5As has become the norm leading up to the eventual release of Darkstalkers Resurrection, Capcom have brought us two more character videos, along with key-art and biographies.

Week 5 of the reveals is all about Hsien-Ko and Donovan, you can read the info below. Check out last week’s new videos and art here.


Hsien-Ko, and her twin sister Mei-Ling, were born in a Chinese village in the 18th century. Raised in a family of spiritualists, their training was cut short when Darkstalkers attacked their village. In order to protect the two, their mother sacrificed herself so that they could escape. However, upon her death, their mother’s soul became trapped in darkness.

Hsien-Ko and Mei-Ling became determined to rescue their mother’s soul, and so used a forbidden spiritualist technique called the “Igyo Tenshin no Jutsu”, which transformed Hsien-Ko into a jiang-shi, or Chinese hopping vampire. In order to maintain her sister’s sanity while in this form, Mei-Ling transformed herself into a paper ward which hangs before Hsien-Ko’s face.

Together, the two sought to eradicate evil and rescue their mother’s soul from the darkness.


Donovan Baine was born to a human mother and an unknown vampire father. Because of his cursed blood, he and his mother were pariahs of his village. Even at a very young age, Donovan struggled to keep his human side in control. One day during his youth, he lost this control and slaughtered his entire village, including his mother.

Having lost everything, Donovan left in search of peace. He converted to Buddhism to find some semblance of enlightenment, but after a decade, was still lost. Having set off again, Donovan came to meet a cold, emotionless young girl named Anita. He could tell she held the same curse he had.

Together with Anita and the Dhylec, a living sword he uncovered in the Tibetan mountains, he dedicated himself to eradicating the dark from the face of the Earth.

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Darkstalkers Resurrection will be released on March 14th for Xbox Live Arcade and on the PlayStation Network.

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