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New SimCity Lead Designer Talks to Will Wright About SimCity Reboot

by on February 27, 2013

New-SimCity-Lead-Designer-Talks-to-Will-Wright-About-SimCity-RebootIn a cool bit of PR for the game, Maxis invited the original creator behind SimCity to their offices to play the upcoming reboot.

Wright said that it was the first time he could enjoy the game in years, simply because he wasn’t involved in the development. After initially feeling claustrophic, Wright states that he was able to get into the experience a lot quicker and “focus in on something manageable”.

Whilst talking to SimCity’s new Lead Designer Stone Librande, Wright said that his main emotional attachment in the game was to the neighbourhoods because of their location and other encompassing facets that you see in the video, below.

I’ve only scratched the surface here on Will Wright’s insight into the highly anticipated title, as you should check out the whole video. For Wright, SimCity was the game that thrust him into gaming prominence and hearing his views on the game are definitely interesting, at the very least.

SimCity will be released on March 5 in Europe and March 8 in North America for Windows PC. The game will be released at a later date for Mac.