SimCity Update 1.4 Adds Another New Server and Addresses Other Issues

by on March 11, 2013

SimCity-Update-1.4-Adds-Another-New-Server-and-Addresses-Other-IssuesMaxis and EA have been trying to clean up the mess they found themselves in, since last Tuesday.

Over the weekend, Maxis GM updated SimCity players on the latest news for the game. On EA’s Blog, Bradshaw stated that the developer has been working at improving the speed of their servers, to the point where they are now apparently 40 times faster. Along with that, they’ve doubled the number of concurrent players and have reduced server down time. The only catch with these wonderful new servers  is that the old servers need to be taken down in order to get up to speed. Alas, leading to more time when players are left being unable to play the game. Bradshaw also added;

“The situation is good, but not good enough.  And since my boss is one of the negatively affected (!)  – we’re still driving hard to get everyone online, playing together, and no hitches.”

The latest SimCity update has helped the situation a bit as a few issues have been addressed, and a new server – Antartica – has been opened.

If you’ve somehow missed the city builder sim related news this past week, here’s some catch up reading for you and also, let us know your thoughts on the situation, below.

SimCity is available now for Windows PC


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