New Okami on the Horizon? We Sincerely Hope So

by on April 25, 2013

New-Okami-on-the-Horizon?-We-Sincerely-Hope-SoFunny how things go – in the very same week that I am having an Amaterasu-related tattoo etched into my skin, the Twitter feed for what is one of my favourite games of all time decides to pipe up. IT IS FATE!

Via Gematsu, we’ve seen that the official Japanese Okami Twitter account seems to be teasing news for next week.

“Hello, this is Okami news. Sorry I’ve been kind of out of touch lately, but I have the feeling we’ll be able to drop a fresh announcement like WHAM! around the beginning of Golden Week, so please look forward to it. Right now we’re on track with preparations.”

Golden Week, which runs from April 29 to May 5, is a period of multiple consecutive holidays in Japan. Many companies and stores close down in observation.

Interestingly, the latest issue of Famitsu is teasing something presumably big for its next issue, which is due out on news-stands May 9.

“The new game to bring fans tears of happiness finally comes to life! A must-see!”

WHAM!, indeed.