EA’s Previously Released Online Pass Content Now Free on Xbox 360

by on May 30, 2013

By now, everyone’s aware that EA discontinued online passes a few weeks back. Great, right? Well, the cynic in all of us knew there was going to be something to replace them and that could end up being the used games license on next-gen hardware. But, that story is still iffy at time of writing.

However, we’re still in the age of Xbox 360, not Xbox One. A NeoGAF user has spotted that EA have actually removed Xbox 360 online passes from some of their previously released software. No official word at the minute so, this could be a mistake on someone’s part. Either way, act fast and not be disappointed.

The following is a list of the content that was behind a pay wall and is now free…for the timebeing, at least.

Alice: Madness Returns – American McGee’s Alice The first game in the Alice series, access it through the disc (was 800msp)

Bad Company 2 VIP (was 800msp)

Bulletstorm Online Pass (was 800msp)

Dragon Age: Origins – The Stone Prisoner (was 1200msp)

Dragon Age 2: The Black Emporium (was 800msp)

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Online Pass (was 800msp)

Mass Effect 2: Cerberus Network (was 1200msp)

Medal of Honor Online Pass (was 800msp)


Skate 3: Skate Share Pack (was 800msp)