Telltale Reveal Third Walking Dead Teaser Image

by on June 6, 2013

With two teaser images already leaked out by Telltale Games, we have got a look at the third character from a possible next game in the Walking Dead series. There has still been no confirmation whether this is the much-anticipated season two, or if it is a stop-gap game that has been previously mooted.

The third image released by Telltale is entitled Day 184, and gives us a look at a young Iniversity Graduate named Russell. This has caused much speculation between fans, with one sharp-eyed fan known as Polar Bear spotting that the Georgia State University is located close to the State Capitol Building, which was shown in the teaser image from yesterday.

These teasers are only building more and more excitement for the next Walking Dead title from Telltale – whatever form it may take. The GodisaGeek team have always been big fans of the series, naming it as our game of the year for 2012. We can only hope for more details to be revealed at E3 next week.

Get a look at the latest teaser below, or read the Tweet here.