Dead Rising 3’s Nightmare Mode & Kinect Functionality Detailed

by on July 23, 2013

When the long-awaited Dead Rising 3 was revealed at this year’s E3, there were some concerns that this new game would lack some of the elements that made the series so unique; namely it’s time-limited structure.

In an Ausgamers (via OXM) preview/interview with the game’s producer, Josh Bridge; it appears that longtime fans need not worry. While Dead Rising 3’s normal mode will shy away from the difficult time-limits; a new Nightmare Mode reimplements these gameplay aspects into the main Story mode (of course, that includes the Toilet saving system).

Josh also talks of the game’s Kinect functionality:

(Regarding survivors) “You can direct them and give them perks and, actually, with the Kinect, we got it to detect your finger pointing which actually evokes a cursor in the game and you can just say “attack” instead of multiple button inputs.”

It was also revealed that you can shout at the Kinect, to distract the undead hordes and cause them to shamble towards you.

Finally, Dead Rising 2’s weapon customisation system has been improved. Because protagonist Nick Ramos is an accomplished mechanic; no longer will you need to get to workbenches to make your own implements of destruction. You’ll also be able to store weapons in lockers, making them available in any of the game’s safehouses.

While offering a darker aesthetic, the game will still retain the comedic elements that made the previous titles so engaging – A big relief for fans, I’m sure. As an Xbox One exclusive, we’re expecting great things from this one!

Dead Rising 3 will be released for Xbox One this November.