Grand Theft Auto V Gameplay Trailer Released

by on July 9, 2013

Today, Rockstar Games released the latest trailer for Grand Theft Auto V. This time, it was all about the gameplay.

In every other preceding trailer, we hadn’t seen any glimmers of what we’d actually be playing come September 17. This four minute and fifty second video changed that as a narrator described what GTA V offers fans of the series.

Set in Rockstar’s version of Southern Cali, all manner of vehicles are shown off including quad bikes, speed boats and a section where lead character Michael is abseiling down a building.

Of course, GTA V’s three protagonists are a big selling point and the instant switch between characters was also on display, here. It appears to be seamless as the trailer shows switches between Franklin and Michael reveals that the character of Michael had been on a bike ride with his son. This further establishes how characters won’t freeze in time when the player isn’t controlling them.

Bounty/game hunting, golf, diving, tennis and even stock market investment are all activities that fill out the massive open world that Rockstar North has created. Heists are prevalent in the game and as highlighted, players have the option to approach as they see fit – all guns blazing, or a more patient approach.

As has been rumoured, a brief glimpse of online multiplayer was shown at the end of the video. Grand Theft Auto Online news will be coming in the near future, apparently.

Watch the full video, below. GTA V is close.