Persona 5 Announced for Winter 2014 on PS3

by on November 24, 2013

Now my Japanese is rusty (in that, yeah, I don’t speak any…at all) but Atlus have just announced Persona Q Shadow of the Labyrinth for 3DS via a live stream. The game is being made by the Etrian Odyssey team, which is good news.

They actually wouldn’t stop trolling their fans, as they had a countdown time for the countdown timer, then the lady presenting explained how the trailer (that we couldn’t at the time actually see) was being aired on the screens behind her…which she was obscuring.

Eventually they showed the trailer which revealed a release date of 2014/6/5, but that’s obviously Japan-only at this stage.

They then went on to confirm Persona 4: Ultra Suplex Hold for PS3, also known as P4A2.

Next up was Persona 4: Dancing All Night for PS Vita. Yep, a dancing game: P4D. It looks pretty ridiculous, but possibly in a good way. It’s hard to tell at this point.

Honestly, the 3DS announce is a nice surprise, but most people will have been wanting a Persona 5 announcement which just didn’t happen.


Teddy (the on-screen presenter) went on to talk for an interminable amount of time before bringing up another countdown timer (seriously, I’ve never seen trolling on this level) then, finally, announcing PERSONA 5.

“You are slave. Want emancipation?” 2014, winter for PS3.

Thanks to the chat room of the Twitch channel, which was incredibly entertaining, especially the person who kept spamming Doge throughout.