Help Kick-Start A Very Traditional Murder-Mystery Adventure Game

by on December 10, 2013

Kickstarter hit the headlines in the past with some fan-favourite projects led by big-name developers such as Tim Schafer and his company Double Fine Games, or Charles Cecil from Revolution Games – for example. But more excitingly, Kickstarter allows many first-time developers, who would have no other means of producing a game, to find funding.

One such example – whose Kickstarter project ends in a little over two days time – is a proposed murder-mystery point and click adventure game from new developer Brainchild. A one-man team, Brainchild is looking to re-create the style of old adventure games of yore by developers such as Sierra and Lucasarts, and weave a dark and violent new story, set in Victorian London.

Every aspect of the game is being hand-crafted, from background art to character sprites, dialogue and music. You can see that this is a real labour of love, but the man behind the project – Alex Francois – obviously wants to bring his creation to a bigger audience, and hopes to release the game on platforms such as PC, MAC and Linux plus iOS and Android – if funding is sufficient.

To find out more, check out the full project page here, and don’t forget to watch the official project trailer below: