League of Legends Champion Series Season 4 has begun!

by on January 18, 2014

Riot Games have officially started the fourth official competitive season for their ever popular DOTA title, League of Legends.

The season, creatively dubbed League of Legends Champion Series Season 4, will run from now through to April 6th.

The best place to keep up to speed with the season, and watch matches as and when they happen, would be on Riot’s official page here.

As we’re now in the fourth season it’s getting quite interesting to follow League of Legends, what with many key teams proving their skills as well as the game’s meta game constantly maturing. It’s thrilling to see an eSports game so well supported four years into its life.

Speaking of support, you can already purchase tickets for the two live stadium events – North American LCS Spring Split (Manhattan Beach, CA) and the European LCS Spring Split (Cologne, Germany).

To buy tickets, roll on over to the official page. Here’s to a record breaking season!

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