Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth videos show Chibi Favourites

by on January 21, 2014

Two new videos for Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth show Persona 3’s Akihiko, Persona 4’s Chie, and many other familiar faces in the game’s cute artstyle.

Releasing for 3DS in Japan this June, Persona Q is a spin-off of the Persona series.

Yet while it quite proudly wears a Persona face it shares just as much DNA with Etrian Odyssey, unsurprising given that the game’s director, Daisuke Kaneda , last worked on the gruelling but brilliant Etrian Odyssey IV.

The videos below may be in Japanese but they clearly show the staple Persona mix of mundane real life and spooky dungeons, and seeing something that cute shoot itself in the face is strangely even more disturbing than in the original game.

Will it be as brilliant a game as Persona 4 Golden? We can only live in hope. Well, live in hope and watch videos, anyway.