Dark Souls II PC Release Date is April 25th

by on March 6, 2014

Namco Bandai have announced that FROM Software’s upcoming death-fest, Dark Souls II, will arrive on European PC’s on April 25th.

This is more than a month after the console versions of the game which will be available from next Friday, March 14th.

That said this is sounding like a more robust PC release than the first Dark Souls. Some may recall that fans were forced to produce a resolution fix for the PC release of the first Dark Souls, while Games for Windows LIVE integration caused more issues thanit solved.

Dark Souls II, on the other hand, will launch on Steam and not feature Microsoft’s PC version of Live. Furthermore the PC version will include increased texture resolution and an enhanced frame rate option, alongside optimised mouse and keyboard integration.

It’s great to hear that FROM Software are seemingly taking the Pc version of Dark Souls II seriously, it’s just a shame PC gamers will have to wait for more than a month post console release. Best avoid those spoiler threads…