Elder Scrolls Online Beta Key Giveaway

by on March 12, 2014

It’s beta time again in Tamriel. We previewed the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online at E3 last year and were thoroughly impressed with what we saw. We have since been playing in the beta and would like you dear readers, to join us!

This is another event for PC/Mac, so console gamers will have to hold out, for now. The beta event will take place from Friday, 14th of March (16:00 GMT / 17:00 CET) until Monday, 17th of March (03:59 GMT / 04:59 CET) and will let you get to grips with the game before the official launch on 4th April.

[keys id=142955]

How to redeem your code:

Create your account by visiting https://account.elderscrollsonline.com/register/account-information
1. Once you’ve finished creating and verifying your account, click the “Redeem Key” button on the main My Account Page to register your beta key (see above).

2. Make sure you do not include extra spaces after the key is entered or the key won’t redeem.

3. When the process is complete, you’ll be able to download the game client from your Account Page. We suggest doing this as soon as possible.

4. Use the username and password you registered to login and play the game.

5. If you already have an Elder Scrolls Online Beta account, you do not need an additional key to play in this event. Instead, pass this code along to a friend!

This beta code will only allow access to the game during the beta event.
If you need any help, please visit http://help.elderscrollsonline.com

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