Joe Danger Infinity Receives Daily Challenge Update

by on March 25, 2014

The latest update to the iOS Joe Danger title, Joe Danger Infinity, adds new daily challenges, as the name implies.

Essentially the challenge will change every day, and you can earn bags of coins for beating a day’s set score. That said if you play every day, your potential prize money increases.

The levels are reportedly super challenging, with multiple routes, loads of traps and plenty of hazards. Much like Rayman Legends’ Daily Challenge mode, difficulty is the name of the game.

Hello Games were also nice enough to tell us that Joe Danger Infinity supports iOS 7 controllers. This changes the taps and swipes to the following commands: collect bubbles with a tap of X, collect stars with Y, jump and duck with A, destroy barriers and dangerous things with B, and pull stunts with the D-pad or the analogue stick.

Oh and also, Joe has crashed 2,268,112 times since the game’s launch. That means on average he’s died 1,700 times an hour ever since we released the game. Poor Joe.

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