New Lords Of The Fallen Trailer Places Emphasis On Challenge

by on April 23, 2014

Challenging games seem to be the flavour of the month at the moment. Whereas a lot of triple-A games have become simpler and simpler over the last decade, many gamers had begun to get a bit disillusioned with all the hand-holding. Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls have spear-headed the charge to change all of that though, and new title Lords Of The Fallen looks to continue in the same vein.

You can read our full preview of the game from E3 last year here, but publisher Namco Bandai Games (the same publishers for the Dark Souls series coincidentally) have released a new trailer for the game that shows us how the game really does focus on patience and perseverance. It features a formidable enemy known as The Champion Lord:

The Champion Lord has always been…different from other commanders of the Fallen God’s demonic army. For most commanders, battle is honor and discipline. For the Champion, it’s the intensity of a duel and the bloodthirsty satisfaction that comes from defeating an opponent. Where other Lords would respectfully circle around an opponent, the easily enraged Champion charges into the fray with pure brute force. He prefers to get his hands dirty, so his weapons are close and personal, allowing him to smell and taste the blood of his victims. At such close range, his boiling bloodlust and reckless charges don’t leave him much in terms of defense, but who would stand against a hulking brute like him? You?

See the new “Challenge” trailer below: