Ultra Street Fighter IV Dates and Prices Confirmed

by on May 16, 2014

Ultra Street Fighter IV will release soon, but it will be released as a digital update for 360 and PS3 ahead of a retail release on the platforms. PC players will also have to wait.

June 4th is the date for the Xbox 360 and PS3 Update release. This update will cost £11.99, and players that pre-order the digital upgrade on PSN will get five new costumes, one for each of the new characters.

For those not wanting the digital upgrade, or who want the game on PC, you’ll have to wait until August 8th when the retail version is released alongside the full digital bundle on PC and PSN.

The retail version and full digital bundle will cost £19.99, but will include all previously released costume packs (which normally cost around £4 a pop, so that’s quite a chunky saving).

PC players will be able to purchase the digital update as well, but will have to wait until August to do so.

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