EA Slowly Announcing FIFA 15’s 50 Best Players

by on September 3, 2014

It’s almost FIFA time once again. We are mere weeks away from FIFA 15 launching and me doing no work what so ever for the following week. In preparation for the launch EA Sports are teasing us by revealing the 50 best FIFA 15 players, but are only announcing 10 a day for the next five days.

Today was the first day and numbers 50-41 have been revealed. Perhaps not surprisingly no Englishman has appeared yet, with todays list being dominated by the Spanish. You can see the full list (and any other additions) right here.

Along with the initial batch of players EA also released a video of stars complaining about their ratings. Rio Ferdinand really isn’t impressed; you can see his thoughts in the video at the bottom of the page.

The list over at the previous link will be more up to date, but here are the players that are 50-41 in the list.

  • 50. Giorgio Chiellini – Juventus (Italy)
  • 49. Andrea Pirlo – Juventus (Italy)
  • 48. Xabi Alonso – Bayern Munich (Germany)
  • 47. Iker Casillas – Real Madrid (Spain)
  • 46. Cesc Fabregas – Chelsea (England)
  • 45. Hugo Lloris – Tottenham Hotspur (England)
  • 44. Javi Martinez – Bayern Munich (Germany)
  • 43. Sergio Busquets – FC Barcelona (Spain)
  • 42. Jerome Boateng – Bayern Munich (Germany)
  • 41. Juan Mata – Manchester United (England)