Alien: Isolation DLC Corporate Lockdown available now

by on October 28, 2014

The first DLC for The Creative Assembly’s Alien: Isolation is available now.

Titled Corporate Lockdown, the DLC will give you three new maps for the game’s Survivor Mode and is based on the time at Sevastopol Station before the Weyland-Yutani team arrived. You’ll control Ransome after learning that he has been abandoned by Seegson and is looking to the Torrens as his way out of the mess he currently finds himself in.

You’ll be encouraged to make your way out of your predicament in good time or by getting the highest scores through side quests and bonus objectives by being able to compete against others on the Alien: Isolation leaderboards. Also included is something called Gauntlet Mode, which will challenge you to complete all three challenge maps in a row, without dying.

Priced at a rather wallet friendly £5.59 ($7.99/€6.99) there’s a fair amount of content there for you to get your inner jaws into, it’s available today on all digital distribution platforms.


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