Dying Light And Paddy Power Offer Suarez “Zombie Bite” Odds

by on October 24, 2014

Luis Suarez may be a hugely talented footballer, but he has of course become famous around the world for his prowess at biting his opponents. Upcoming Zombie survival game Dying Light has teamed up with Paddy Power to put together a set of odds for “El Classico” between Real Madrid and Barcelona this weekend, when Suarez will make his debut for the Catalan club.

Not surprisingly, these odds are centred on who he may bite during the game – Zombie style. Real Madrid’s temperamental defender Pepe has been singled out as the number one target for Suarez – himself being quite used to controversy. There are a few even less-likely predictions – such as biting the referee, or starting a Zombie outbreak of his own. I’m not sure that many punters will take a chance on these bets – despite their long odds.

The full list of odds are below:

When will Suarez bite a player?
100/1 0.01 to 23.00 minutes
33/1 23.01 to end of first half
25/1 Start of second half to 68.00 minutes
25/1 68.01 minutes to final whistle

Where will Suarez bite a player?
33/1 Arm
33/1 Shoulder
40/1 Leg
40/1 Hand
50/1 Back
100/1 Foot

40/1 To bite the referee during play
25/1 To bite a team mate during play

Zombie Special
500/1 To start a zombie viral biting outbreak

Which player will Suarez bite?
50/1 Pepe
66/1 S Ramos
66/1 R Varane
80/1 C Ronaldo
80/1 G Bale
80/1 T Kroos
80/1 Marcelo
80/1 S Khedira
80/1 F Nacho
80/1 K Benzema
80/1 J Hernandez
80/1 J Rodriguez
80/1 Isco
80/1 L Modric
80/1 A Illarramendi
100/1 Lionel Messi
100/1 S Busquets
100/1 D Alves

Dying Light is set for a retail release on January 27 2015 in North America and January 30 in Europe. See the latest trailer for the game here.

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