Just Dance 2015 adds Motion Control app for Smartphones

by on October 29, 2014

Fancy playing Just Dance 2015 but you haven’t bought an Xbox One with Kinect bundle or a Playstation camera? Well FEAR NOT, Ubisoft have got you covered with a smartphone app that will track your movements, meaning you can get your groove on without one of those privacy intruding spy devices those naughty platform holders want us to have.

It’s a pretty nifty feature.


The Just Dance development team created an experience that keeps all Just Dance 2015gameplay exactly the same – the only difference is that the smartphone is used to keep score. If a Kinect for Xbox One® or PlayStation®Camera isn’t detected when the game is launched, the following message will appear: “You will need a mobile device to play Just Dance 2015.” Then the player will follow these simple steps:


1.    Download the free Just Dance 2015 Motion Controller app to their smartphone.

2.    Make sure their phone is connected via Wi-Fi to the same network as their console.

3.    Select their automatically detected console within the app and click Play.


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