Walk on the wild side with Far Cry 4’s ‘Experiential’ website

by on October 22, 2014

As Far Cry 4’s November 18th release date draws near Ubisoft are making sure it’s never far from our minds with new information. Today, they’ve announced what they’re referring to as an ‘Experiential’ site in which you will complete a series of themed challenges.

A deadly face-to-face encounter with « An eye for an eye »

An impenetrable mind maze with « Rabbit hole »

A hypnotic trance with « Mind Blossom »

A blindfolded sound chase with « Escape »


Each challenge will be released on a week by week basis, and will essentially consist of interactive films made into reaction tests. The claim is that the choices you make can lead to as many as 42 million different routes through the experience which would take up to 100 days to complete.

After each challenge an algorithm will take the results and use them to determine the user’s personality, this would then unlock extras in Far Cry 4 via Uplay on release.

Guillaume Carmona EMEA Marketing Director at Ubisoft said:

We are looking forward to seeing the reaction of fans. This interactive campaign really puts the player at the centre of the experience offering a new and more intense approach to the game and its universe. This platform will allow each fan to live a totally different experience. That’s the beauty of a game like Far Cry 4 as players can actually create their own path, just like with this website. Each decision matters and conditions the outcome.


Check it out, and let us know what you think.