Awilix is SMITE’s Newest God

by on December 17, 2014

SMITE’s newest god is called Awilix and launches with the latest patch.

The god reveal trailer above showcases everything you could want to know about Awilix, but just incase that wasn’t enough Hi-Rez provided a sentence or two about her, which is below.

“As an Assassin, summoning Suku increases the movement speed of Awilix, but decreases her ability to strafe. Her Ultimate Ability Gravity Surge calls upon the power of the moon and immediately pulling down the closest enemy which is either Leaping or Knocked Up in the air, dealing damage to them when they land. Afterwards the goddess is bathed in moonlight, gaining bonus attack speed and physical power.”

Further information, along with info on other changes can, as ever be seen in the patch notes.

Hi-Rez also announced that the Xbox One version of SMITE will be playable at the SMITE World Championships taking place in January. Those staying at home will have to make do with a stream of the first public SMITE on Xbox One match.

The SMITE Worlds will see the best SMITE teams compete for a prize pool that currently sits at over $1.7million, but could grow even further. You can expect coverage of the event here on God is a Geek when the event kicks off on January 9th.