SMITE World Championships Bracket Revealed

by on December 20, 2014

With just under 3 weeks remaining until the SMITE World Championships kick off the bracket has been announced.

It’s a bit complicated to explain but the image above puts it in a really simple format. Basically Friday January 9th sees 3 BO3 series, Oh My God Vs Name Not Found and We Love Bacon taking on DID with the winner of We Love Bacon vs DID taking on Cognitive Prime in the final series of the day. Anyone who loses on Friday will exit the tournament and take home 1.25% of the ~$2million prize pool.

Day two, or Saturday January 10th, will see the final BO3 game featuring the winner of Oh My God vs Name Not Found taking on SK Gaming along with 2 BO5 series, featuring the winner of the Cognitive Prime series taking on Titan and the winner of the SK Gaming series taking on Cognitive Red. The winner of each series will advance to the final, while the loser will participate in the 3rd place playoff on Sunday January 11th before the grand finals.

First place will receive 50% of the prize pool, which is currently sat at $2million, while 2nd will take home 20%, 3rd takes home 15% and 4th will take home 10%.

Hi-Rez also announced that all team voice communications during the event will be powered by Curse Voice a free VOIP piece of software.

Be sure to stay tuned to GiaG for coverage of the event in January. And be sure to check back soon for a chance to win a code for SMITE’s newest god Awilix.