Street Fighter V to Include Cross-Play

by on December 7, 2014

Alongside the official unveiling of Street Fighter V, Capcom have confirmed that online play will mix PS4 and PC players together.

Street Fighter V was leaked yesterday, but Capcom had this one surprise left for the full unveiling.

Cross platform play is not a common feature of games, but it’s possible that this new iteration of Street Fighter may be using Steamworks on Playstation as Portal did before it, as this would make cross play between the game’s two releases, Playstation and PC, all the easier.

Cross play makes sense for a fighting game, where the control option of choice is available on both systems. Most previous attempts at cross platform multiplayer have been shooters, which favour PC players.

Capcom also revealed that the first full match of Street Fighter V will be shown next weekend, on December 13th, on tha Capcom Cup website.