Iron Brotherhood Update Brings Soviet Heavy Tanks to World of Tanks on Console

by on January 23, 2015

Developer Wargaming has today announced the release of the Iron Brotherhood content update for the Xbox 360 Edition of their free to play, multiplayer game – World of Tanks.

The update is live right now and available to download globally. The update adds one new map, and five new Soviet-built heavy tanks to the garages of every player.

The tanks are fitted with armour thick enough to take a right beating, but carries the guns large enough to hand out a beating or two of your own. You can now take control of the T-150, KV-3, KV-4, STI and IS-4. In capable hands, any of these heavy tanks have the ability to dominate the battlefield.

Speaking of battlefields, a new “South Coast” map offers you a chance to try out their new tanks on completely new terrain.

If you haven’t already, you can give World of Tanks a try, thanks to a free seven day trial available to all Xbox Live account holders.

We reviewed World of Tanks back in April, saying that it’s a good game and that “It does many things well, but only a few of them incredibly well and, despite a handful of good qualities, fresh ideas and solid mechanics, it fails to overwhelm.”