GAME Buys Company Behind Insomnia Gaming Festival for £20m

by on March 2, 2015

UK retailer GAME has purchased Mulitplay for £20million.

Multiplay is perhaps best known for the Insomnia gaming festivals that they run. Last year the event moved to the Ricoh arena in Coventry where thousands of gamers have attended both the expo along with the massive LAN party. The events have also become one of the biggest UK eSports events with thousands of pounds in prize money at each event.

The deal was confirmed earlier today and sees GAME pay £12.6 million up front along with £7.4 million in cash and shares over the next three years.

GAME CEO Martyn Gibbs said this to GamesIndustry.biz:

“Like Multiplay, we put our communities at the heart of our business,”

“Together we will be able to move even faster to grow and develop our services for both gamers and suppliers in the UK, Spain and around the world. With our combined passion and expertise, we are looking forward to delivering more, bigger and better experiences for our communities and are excited for what the future holds.”