Perception Meets It’s $150K Kickstarter Goal – Developers Slightly Bio-shocked

by on June 24, 2015

Perception is the brain child of Bill Gardner, Robb Waters and Jim Bonney, who were all involved Bioshock Infinite to some degree. With only 42 days to go, Perception has managed to reach its funding goal of $150k.

Taking an unusual slant on the survival horror genre, the protagonist Cassie is blind and she creates noise in order to traverse around a haunted New England manor while trying to avoid a malevolent force that is unfortunately attracted to noise.
The Deep End Games have announced there will be a silent mode available where Cassie doesn’t talk in the game at all. Hopefully to heighten the terror of Perception.
With a release date of June 2016, what we’ve seen looks promising so far but as usual, stay on these hallowed pages for more information.