This Video Shows a Sonic the Hedgehog Game We’d Love to Play

by on June 14, 2015

It’s not secret that Sonic is, well, he’s pretty much dead in the water these days. Reaction to Sonic Boom has left the series at an all time low, but this video (which we saw thanks to Vice) features a fully detailed breakdown by one designer, of how he thinks that Sonic can come back and finally join his competition in the modern day.

The biggest point for me, aside the obvious design differences, is that the people who adore sonic are, indeed, almost twenty years older now. Kids don’t want a “hip” Sonic – nobody does!

It’ll never happen, of course. But the visual design here is gorgeous, and although it’s pretty far removed from the original sonic (and that’s kind-of the point, isn’t it?), I know that I’d play the game idea in this video.