SMITE World Championships Prize Pool Capped At $1m

by on July 7, 2015

While The International 5’s prize pool may have topped $15m Hi-Rez have decided that they will cap the SMITE world championships prize pool to $1m. While not a small amount the $1m cap comes as a surprise as this year’s SMITE worlds (that took place earlier in the year) featured a $2.6million prize pool.

In a blog post over on Reddit Hi-Rez’ executive manager Stewart Chisam explained the reasons for the change. Citing factors such as the top four teams in season one taking over 90% of all the prize money as one of the main reasons for the change. With the new system the money will be split up more equally and across more events and Hi-Rez expects to hand out more than $2m this year, but distributed more evenly.

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