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Dying Light: The Following Has A Reveal Trailer

by on August 13, 2015

There is still a whole lot of biting love for Dying Light from certain people at Godisageek, so Techland announcing a full story based expansion is certainly peeking our interest.

Techland promise that the map for ‘The Following’ will be bigger than the original maps combined in terms of size and will focus on Kyle Crane infiltrating a cult that has a mysterious connection to the shambling brain eaters.

With a new environments waiting to be tackled and customisable dirt buggies to traverse the terrain, it’s looking great.

There is no date as such for release but Techland have given a price of $14.99 for the expansion but for season pass holders will pay nothing.

I really admire Techlands approach to how they have treated their players, with regular free content and updates they really are proving they are not only wanting to continue the Dying Light experience, but make sure the fanbase isn’t paying out hand over fist for additional zombie smashing fun.

Take a look at the trailer and drool like an undead that got the keys to the big brain shop..