Beyond Dying Light 2 Mod Contest Public Voting Is Now Open

by on September 9, 2015

The PC version of Dying Light has a very active Mod scene and with that in mind Techland have opened their second contest to public voting.

There are five finalists in the running with the winner picking up a stash of Dying Light goods and an Alienware Alpha machine for their trouble.

The five mods in the final are-

· The Winchester Tavern – a near perfect replica of the famous pub from the cult-hit movie Shaun of the Dead. Grab a pint and defend your local watering hole.

· SkyFall – an intricate and twisted journey through a man’s troubled dreams. Various levels and puzzles that get more and more warped the further you delve.

· Escaping Death – a classic action-packed Dying Light experience full of combat and parkour.

· Repetition: Horror House – recreating the tension of the infamous P.T. house but with a Harran flavoured twist.

· Little Big World – ‘honey, I shrunk the outbreak’. Battle and parkour your way through an infested house, all while being the size of a bottle cap.

What would be amazing would be to see these Mods make their way to console.

You can vote here for your favourite