New Total War: Warhammer Video Released, Shows Off Savage Orc and Final Boxart

by on December 24, 2015

SEGA have released a new ‘Introducing…’ which highlights the Savage Orc race which will be featured in their upcoming Total War: Warhammer title, set for release next year.

The video, which can be seen above, also shows off the game’s final box art as it moves closer to release. An official descriptor for the race reads: “Dressed in nothing but a rancid loincloth and tribal blue warpaint, the Savage Orcs are an intimidating force, even amongst other Orcs.”

“In Greenskin society, might makes right and bigger is always better. The very biggest Orcs earn the honoured title of ‘Big ‘Uns’ and Savage Orc Big ‘Uns are among the meanest and fightiest of the lot. Mounted on boar-back, they are almost unstoppable. These heavy hitters represent the most elite cavalry the Greenskins have to offer, and are some of the most formidable in the Old World.”

Total War: Warhammer is due for release on April 28, only on PC.