New Details Emerge about Street Fighter V from Yoshinori Ono

by on January 19, 2016

Yoshinori Ono has revealed a few details about what Street Fighter V may bring to the ring when is launched later this year.

Speaking to Hadoken.net, Yoshinori was asked about his goals for Street Fighter V

“The SFIV series has already been around for seven years, over which it’s remained “alive” through several iterative upgrades. Even within the Street Fighter series, SFIV stands out as a title that has been great for building community, having generated a wide audience as well as quite a few “pro” players.

On the other hand, after seven years of using SFIV as our premier fighting game, you inevitably end up with enough high-level players who raise the overall level of play, and it becomes quite difficult for newcomers to approach the game now.

Given this situation, we approached the development of SFV with the keyword “reset” in mind. We tried to recreate everything from the ground up, even going so far as to “reset” characters returning from past installments, fine-tuning them to further bring out their originality, with the aim of having returning players say, “Wow, this is new! Guess I’ll be starting over from scratch with SFV!” ”

You can read more about Yoshinori’s plans here

Thanks to Hadoken.net and we’ll bring you more information as we have it.