OXENFREE team up with iam8bit for Official Collector’s Edition, game out tomorrow

by on January 14, 2016

Indie games are looking to be huge in the early part of this year, with titles like This War of Mine and Firewatch coming out very soon. But you might be unwise to ignore OXENFREE, an adventure game from Night School Studio, a game we’re in the middle of reviewing, and one that’s being released tomorrow on Xbox One and PC (via Steam).

Anyway, the dev team have joined forces with iam8bit to announce an official collector’s edition, which you can see in the image above, and you can order via this link.

Have a gander at the trailer below. Doesn’t it look fascinating?

The OXENFREE Collector’s Edition includes:

  1. A GAME DOWNLOAD CODE for OXENFREE. Select either PC/Mac (via Steam) or Xbox.
  2. An OXENFREE COOLER to keep your beverage(s) of choice nice and cold, large enough to store a six-pack
  3. A STASH CAN to discretely store your unmentionables, made from an actual, off-the-shelf can (beer for 21+ and soda for customers under 21 years of age)
  4. A CAN INSULATOR referencing locals’ favorite hole-in-the-wall from the game, Seafood Sammy’s Happy Shanty
  5. A roundtrip FERRY TICKET to Edwards Island
  6. REDHEADED BEDWETTERS DEMO TAPE – an EP of tracks from Ren’s band, the Redheaded Bedwetters. Listen closely, because you might hear something important.
  7. A DOWNLOAD CODE for the REDHEADED BEDWETTERS DEMO SONGS featured on the cassette. They may have had a little help from OXENFREE composer, SCNTFC.
  8. A foldout TOURIST MAP from Edwards Island. The flipside of the map features a poster image of the OXENFREE key art.