Ibuki coming to Street Fighter V next month

by on May 31, 2016

Capcom has revealed Ibuki as the next DLC character for Street Fighter V, posting a new character trailer via YouTube to announce the news.

Ibuki’s moveset will differ from previous instalments, with the ponytailed ninja now being able to glide through the air and drop ninja bombs, making her an unpredictable foe. Ibuki will only stock five kunais instead of her previous unlimited stock, so players will have to choose when to use them carefully.

Ibuki’s V-Trigger is called Isshaku Horokudama, where she will throw a bomb at her opponent and depending on the direction held when thrown, the delay before explosion will vary from almost instantaneous to a longer pause. A new stage will launch along with Ibuki — a daytime version of┬áKanzuki Estate, named Estate at Noon.

Ibuki is the first character to fall outside of Capcom’s pre-regimented DLC schedule, which promised season pass owners one new DLC character every month until August. Alex launched in March, and Guile was added in April but Ibuki has missed the May release window and will instead be released sometime next month. No word on what this means for the rest of the schedule — it could mean we get two new characters in June as Capcom play catch up or it could knock the whole schedule off-track for the coming months.

Thanks, Eurogamer.