Multiplayer survival Lifeless enters Early Access on June 16

by on June 2, 2016

Green Man Gaming and Rigid-Soft have announced that their multiplayer survival game Lifeless will enter Early Access on June 16.

Lifeless is set in May 2021, after the world has been turned into an infected wasteland. Ten years have passed since the initial outbreak — Patient Zero — and two warring factions fight for the world’s remaining resources, all while trying to fend off a growing horde of infected humans. Lifeless focuses on cooperation between players to ensure survival in the hostile territory.

A press release detailed the features that will be available in Early Access:

  • Welcome to Stillwater Bay. Maine’s most popular tourist spot has become a wasteland. Explore lush natural landscapes and deserted towns set after the world has collapsed.
  • Learn To Survive. Find supplies, collect equipment, keep yourself fed and healthy to stay alive.
  • Choose A Side. Two factions fight for survival – The civilian Nova Guard, or the militant Spartan Phalanx.
  • Fight For Your Life. Brutal, melee-focused combat means you have to get up close and personal if you want to save ammo.
  • An Infected Threat. It’s not just the other faction you need to watch out for. Infected humans will stop at nothing to take you down.

Lifeless will be available on June 16 via Steam, Green Man Gaming and Humble Store.