Street Fighter V story mode coming this month for free, lets you trial DLC characters

by on June 10, 2016

After all manner of delays already for the game’s updates, Street Fighter V‘s story mode is coming at the end of this month for free, according to Capcom.

Not only that, but the story mode will include all six of the DLC characters that are playable in the 3-4 hour (five chapter) experience called “A shadow falls”. The story takes place between SF4 and 3 and is going to “bridge the events that happen in between the two stories”. It’s kinda cool that we’ll get to play the likes of Ibuki and Guile for free, I guess.

Below you can see Colm and I playing SFV for Score Attack a while ago, and if you click here you can hear a podcast where we chat about the game. You can read full details of the story mode as well as a change to the in-game currency system over on Capcom’s Blog.