Fire Emblem Nintendo Direct scheduled for January 18

by on January 17, 2017

Nintendo will hold a Direct livestream dedicated to “upcoming Fire Emblem titles” on January 18 at 10pm GMT.

The contents of the Direct have not been confirmed, but it is speculated that the majority of the presentation will focus on the recently announced Fire Emblem Warriors musou title, which was unveiled during the company’s Switch reveal.

A NeoGAF user has suggested that the Switch will receive a port of Fire Emblem Fates; Revelations, released last year on 3DS. The title of the game appeared in the coding of a Nintendo website page, but they themselves have put it down to a “likely site error”.

Nintendo of Japan also shared a tweet earlier on today that says the Direct will discuss upcoming future titles in the Fire Emblem series, including information on the “latest smartphone” game.

You can watch the livestream on Nintendo’s official website.