How long to beat Fire Emblem Engage

by on January 20, 2023

As one of the biggest games of the start of 2023, people will want to know how long it takes to beat Fire Emblem Engage. There’s plenty of time to spend with the game, and it’s the tentpole Nintendo Switch exclusive for a while, but some of the Fire Emblem series have been absolute monsters when it comes to length.

For example, Fire Emblem: Three Houses had three campaigns, technically. You could play through the massive story and then replay choosing a different house, and that’d give you a different angle on the tale told. But Fire Emblem Engage handles things differently, and is more akin to the previous titles, where you can pick a male or female protagonist (Alear) and the only thing that changes is the voice acting.

Fire Emblem Engage: how long to beat

If you are playing on regular difficulty and on “casual” mode, which means you won’t lose characters who die on the battlefield, you can expect to spend around 40 hours in the world of Engage across 26 main chapters, and multiple optional battles.

Fire Emblem Engage preview

There are, however, many variables that can change things very quickly. For example, each of the emblems has a paralogue mission which allows you to gain “Max Bond” with them, and this is a whole mission, so you could (in theory) ignore all of these and rush through, but there are other factors which can increase or decrease your time to above or below 40 hours.

What are the factors that determine how long it takes me?

The biggest variant in terms of how long to beat Fire Emblem Engage is your patience. If you are skipping animations and engage moments from the start, you will speed through the game much quicker. However, if you wait until later on, and you’ve seen all the characters you can get in your party, you will be nearer 40 hours.

Fire Emblem Engage is shaping up to be the best one yet | Hands-on preview

Also, you can engage (heh) in as much of the side content, relationship building, or bonding as you want. So you shouldn’t feel too left out, though we’d (of course) recommend that how long to beat Fire Emblem Engage takes as long as you feel comfortable with. If you wanted, you could easily add another 10-20 hours onto our completion time.