Fire Emblem Engage | 6 important tips to remember

by on January 20, 2023

Whether you’re a newcomer to the series, or just need some help, we’ve put together some Fire Emblem Engage tips to make sure you’re not losing heroes left right and centre.

As one of the biggest entries in the series, Fire Emblem Engage has a lot to take in. There are new mechanics on top of the old weapon triangle system, then there’s things like bonding, animals, wyvern riding, and just so much to do, so we thought we’d put together some Fire Emblem Engage tips that are worth keeping in your mind’s eye when playing. Basically, there’s so much to do, you might forget certain things, and with our list, you will always be maximising your time, and your characters.

Go to the arena everyday for free XP

Once you unlock The Somnial early on, you will also unlock activities you can take part in at what is your home hub. One of the biggest and best Fire Emblem Engage tips we can give you is to always go to the arena. This is an area where, each day, you can train three times for free, and also do some engage training.

Fire Emblem Engage: the arena

Essentially, this lets you pick a character to train, who will do a mock battle with another hero, and whether they win or lose, they’ll gain some form of XP. Yes, that’s right, free XP. Need to get a character just over the edge to level up? Arena! Need to slowly level a character without risking them in battle? Arena, every day! Lastly, the arena lets you spend Bond Fragments (currency gained all the time) to immediately advance a bond with an Emblem. So if you want to unlock some inherited skills and move a ring to someone else? You guessed it: ARENA!

Take time learning the bond system and how to inherit skills

The bond system and skill inheritance systems are complex at first. It can feel like a foreign language is being spoken, but basically, you’ll need to take time to learn how this all works and get mix/maxing. Every Emblem Ring will unlock “skill inheritance” at bond level 5, so engage with them all the time and use them in every single battle.

Fire Emblem Engage - Inherit Skills

Once you’ve done this, you can continue to unlock more skills by using them more (or training in the arena), or you can spend Bond Fragments in the Ring Hall to permanently add skills to their loadout, and thus move the ring onto someone else to do the same. This way you can build characters and their stats out to your desire.

Fire Emblem Engage tips: Don’t rush to the advanced classes

As in all Fire Emblem titles, a character will start out a certain class, and you’ll eventually use some form of “Seal” to change them to your preferred style. However, every single class (bar one, but it’s a spoiler so we won’t mention that here) can only get to level 20. Once you hit level 20, all you’re doing is gaining Fragments and Bond levels, but you won’t upgrade your stats.

Fire Emblem Engage

With that in mind, unless you are seriously struggling with a particular character’s class, get to level 20, then use the advanced seal to unlock the next one. There’s just no need to rush to an advanced class unless you particularly want a new flier, or something.

Never forget the weapon triangle

Never forget the weapon triangle, or alternatively, “don’t put a flying hero in range of an archer”. Fans will know this, but the thing about Fire Emblem Engage is that it has all the information you need per battle on the screen at once. It doesn’t really matter what level you are, if you stick your flying character near an enemy archer, they will decimate, and likely one-shot kill you.

Fire Emblem Engage

The weapon triangle is: Sword breaks Axe, Axe breaks Lance, Lance breaks Sword. However, the melee class (Fists) also breaks all the ranged classes as well. If you ever forget it during a battle, make sure nobody is selected and hit start, and it’ll appear in the bottom right of the screen. We’d recommend having a balanced party so you can take on all enemies.

Fire Emblem Engage tips: use the time crystal

Whether you’re playing on hardcore (permadeath) or casual, the time crystal is a useful tool. It’s far too easy to misplace a beloved character and have them vanish forever. But what’s worse is even on casual mode when you lose a character from a fight in the first turn through careless placement. In this situation, don’t be too proud, just rewind and have a do-over: that’s what it’s there for.

Explore every area after a battle

Fire Emblem Engage visuals

After each battle you get a moment of peace to talk to your friends and check out the battlefield. There are always resources to find here, so make sure you use the RT (right trigger) to expand the map and look for the shining gold beacons. These will range from ingredients to resources like iron and silver, which are vital to upgrading weapons. You don’t have to speak to everyone to get their bond fragments, either, and once you’ve found the gold resources, you can leave (via an exit or the menu) and you’ll just get any fragments you missed for free.