Fire Emblem Engage | How to level past 20

by on January 20, 2023

Fire Emblem Engage level 20 is one of the strangest things about the latest (and greatest) title from Intelligent Systems. Whereas most Fire Emblem titles will have three phases of classes to progress through, Engage bucks the trend simply having basic and advanced classes.

This means that getting your character to the maximum stats is a bit strange and complicated. There’s a stage of the game where you will almost certainly max out a character and be confused. Fire Emblem Engage level 20 isn’t the end, though, it’s the beginning: it just is quite poor at telling you that.

Fire Emblem Engage level 20: what do I do?

Fire Emblem Engage level 20: what do I do?

When you hit level 20 for the second time at your chosen class, you’d be forgiven for being confused. It happened to us well before the end-game even approached. The thing is, the only way of knowing what to do is hidden in an item description. You may have seen the “second seals” and not used them, but they are the secret to breaking out of Fire Emblem Engage level 20. They are also available infinitely from the shop on The Somniel.

What these do is, essentially, reset your level to 1. So once you hit level 20 in your chosen advanced class, you could (of course) change to another and gain proficiency, while lowering your stats to “start over”. However, if you love your hero just as they are, but don’t want to waste a slot on your team because you’re gaining 0 XP as you’re at max, take a trip to the menus.

Fire Emblem Engage level 20

Here, you can go to “Change Class” and select the class you already are. Once done, you can use a second seal to go back to level 1, while retaining your stats and can then level all the way up to 20 again, before repeating this process. This way you can get your weaker character up to a decent health stat, and make your stronger ones absolute tanks.

It’s a shame to lose the “Beginner > Intermediate > Advanced” routine from the other games, but we think it’s due to the range of classes on offer, and the fact Emblems make heroes able to use skills they otherwise wouldn’t.