Tyranny’s first expansion is the rather nicely named Bastard’s Wound

by on June 14, 2017

It’s been eight months since Obsidian’s RPG Tyranny launched, and now it gets its first major expansion.

Bastard’s Wound will bring a new storyline for players to follow to the game, featuring new characters and locations for them to explore. New quests will allow you to deepen your bond with companions. In addition to this, when the expansion is announced there’ll be a free update for the game bringing more voice acting and a new ending for the main game. There’s no set release date, but in the meantime check out the trailer.

As well as this, launched today there’s an events pack called Tales from the Tiers. This adds more side quests to partake, merchants to deal with and lore to learn. It’s available today for £5.49.

I’m not going to pretend I know anything about Tyranny apart from the trailer above that I watched before writing this, so, if you like the game you probably want to pick these up. If you haven’t played it, check out the game’s Steam page, you might find out you like it.