Football Manager 2018 releases on November 10

by on August 15, 2017

Sports Interactive and SEGA have unveiled the release date for Football Manager 2018.

This November Football Manager 2018 will release on PC platforms and mobile platforms on the same day. Preordering it through a select retailer nets you 2 weeks early access to a full playable beta. Single player careers that begin here will carry over to the full game as well. Preordering before October 9 through Steam after owning Football Manager 2017 will get you a Contract Extension Bonus discount which is 25% off the purchase via Steam or the SEGA Store. Game details will be available in September. Another change is the release date of the mobile editions.

Football Manager 2018, Football Manager Touch 2018, and Football Manager Mobile 2018 will release on November 10 across PC platforms, PC and mobile platforms, and mobile platforms respectively.