The Ashes brings cricket’s biggest rivalry to consoles this November

by on September 18, 2017

Australian developer Big Ant Studios is developing the fully licensed Ashes video game tie-in for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

I’m pretty sure Big Ant’s Australian location will have no impact on their development of the game, and the player stats will be fair and even across the teams. Anyway, the team over at Big Ant will be using the photogrammetry technology to scan the player’s faces into the game to ensure lifelike representations of both the men’s and women’s teams.

Additionally to the full Ashes test series the game will also allow players to partake in short five over matches, you know, for a quick fix. You’ll also be able to design your own players, logos and stadiums, giving you more than just the the aussies and the poms.

In a nod to FIFA you can even indulge in a career mode allowing you to work your way up from junior cricketer to Ashes legend.

Pre-orders are now open if you fancy trying your hand at obtaining that silly little urn.