GT Sport Patch 1.06 coming November 27 with free cars, offline modes, and more

by on November 22, 2017

GT Sport Patch 1.06 announced with more coming in December.

November 27 will see Patch 1.06 hit GT Sport and there will be free cars included. The patch will also have the Livery Editor, Scapes, and campaign playable offline. Saving will still require internet access though. There will also be balance tweaks and adjustments. December will see GT League launch as a single player mode in December. It is based on GT mode in the old games. The free December update will also include the following cars:

Mazda — RX-7 Spirit R Type A (FD)
Nissan — Skyline GT-R V・spec II (R32)
Nissan — Skyline GT-R V・spec II Nür (R34)
Ford — F-150 SVT Raptor
Lamborghini — Countach LP400
Ferrari — F40
Ferrari — Enzo Ferrari
Suzuki — Swift Sport
Volkswagen — Samba Bus Type 2 (T1)
Chris Holstrom Concepts — 1967 Chevy Nova
Chevrolet — Corvette Stingray Convertible (C3)

About 50 cars are planned to be added until March. Updates are planned much further as well.

GT Sport is available on PlayStation 4. Read our review here.