A new week in GTA Online brings the return of Slashers

by on December 27, 2017

The ever changing world of GTA Online switches things up again this week, with the return of the Slashers adversary mode.

In Slashers two teams compete in total darkness, one group has thermal goggles and flashlights, while the others have shotguns and machetes. Over time the roles will be reversed until one group is completely wiped out. Playing this mode will net you double GTA bucks. It certainly looks a bit too intense for my liking….damn clowns.

Also new this week is a new car, the Autarch, which looks suspiciously like a Pagani Zonda. You’ll find it available at Legendary Motorsport.

You’ll also find a bunch of discounted items to be bought with your GTA money, so if there’s a nice virtual trinket you fancy,it just might have some money off.



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