Five crazy things that happened while playing Far Cry 5

by on January 30, 2018

My time with Far Cry 5 was a frantic, chaotic, action packed couple of hours. I didn’t go two minutes without a cultist’s white car speeding past and having to go and chase to free a poor captive or a gun fight breaking up on the dusty roadside. It seems as though Far Cry 5 is going to be a non-stop thrill fest. Just like previous entries into the series, the possibilities of random encounters and moments of madness is still prominent. Perhaps even more so.

With that said, here are the five craziest things that happened to me in Far Cry 5.

1. Dog on Fire

Upon entering the picturesque Hope County for the first time I was greeted in the best way possible: by a dog. An adorable Golden Retriever came lapping up to me and, vitally, there was a button that allowed me to pet the good boy. The only bad mark I have against Breath of the Wild is that there isn’t a pet animal button, so having it here gets a thumbs up from me. Anyway, after saying hello to my new friend I spot a quad bike and go over to get on it. I press square in anticipation of hopping on but nothing happens. So I keep hold of said button and I only realise when it’s too late that I’m actually sabotaging the quad. No bother, I think, it’ll probably be a trap for when the enemy gets on. I was wrong. The bike immediately bursts into flames and, to my horror, the dog had followed me and had also caught on fire. The poor sod runs away screaming and is burned to a crisp. The fire then spreads to a shop and the whole thing goes up, even destroying bits of it. My mouth is agape. Horrified.

2. Attack of the Turkeys

So later on I’m out and about, walking through vast farmers fields in fact, when I start to hear desperate, piercing screams: “Help!, Help! Help!” Being the hero I am I immediately spring into action, scanning the environment for this person in need. I find her and her dog but there doesn’t seem to be anything attacking her. No nutters with rifles, no starving wolves. There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong at all. Then I hear it.

Gobble, gobble, gobble.

Out of no where I’m attacked by the most vicious of beasts. A turkey jumps at me, clawing and pecking at my face. I’m set a back, I wasn’t expecting a turkey to be a threat. I don’t want to have to kill this poor bird. Calm down, I say, backing off. Just leave it and I’ll leave you. It goes for me again and I have no choice. I take out my aluminium baseball bat and clonk it one over the head. Dead instantly.

3. Bullshit!

I’m in a car after just getting rid of some cultists and I’m all ready to set off on my next adventure when I see a confrontation in the middle of the road, so I stay to watch. A bull is being stared down by three ravenous wolves. The wolves howl, crawling closer and closer but the bull stands its ground. It start to drag its hind hoof on the ground and gets ready to charge. The bull stampede forward and, to put it accurately, fucks up one of the wolves. Stabbing it right in the midrift with its horns and discarding it like a sweet wrapper. The others did a runner. After seeing the ordeal I turn and ready myself to start driving. Then suddenly my car is rocked and I’m hurt, as if an earthquake has just struck. I turn to see that the bull is now charging at me! Readying himself to smash me up again. I put pedal to the medal and get out of there. The bull gives chase but thankfully I manage to outrun the hard bastard.

4. Blew himself up

Finally, a moment that doesn’t involve animals! This time it’s the violent members of the Eden Gate cult who’ve got the stage. I’ve found this little, locked building built over a lake which contains some loot. I shoot the lock through a window to get in, but it sets of deafening alarm. I rush to get in and get the money but as I’m about to leave I see a group of the cult have stopped to investigate the noise. I crouch and try to hide, hoping they’ll pass, but when walks in I have to go guns blazing. It all kicks off and then the moment of hilarity ensues. Basically, a bearded guy with a rocket launcher set one off and then blew himself up and he went flying. Made me chuckle.

5. Co-op Madness

This final entry is more of a big passage of play rather than a single moment, but you can complete the entirety of Far Cry 5’s campaign in co-op and the chaos is double with a pal by your side. In co-op you can take out posts and do missions in a coordinated fashion, sneaking into places together or taking up different positions to cause confusion and rain destruction upon the enemies. I guess that Far Cry 5 may well be best played with a friend.

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