How to Become a Rocket League Player with 5 Easy Tips


Since its release, Rocket League has become one of the most successful and popular games on the market, offering exciting gameplay and a satisfying depth to its customisation as well. There’s a fierce world of online competition, and learning the basics can be tricky if you’re completely new to the game, but it’s not impossible to get to grips with, and once you’re familiar with how to play you’ll be scoring goals in no time. There’s also a lot to it beyond the games themselves, such as trading, earning keys, crates, and items, so we’re here to give you some tips to get you to grips with the basics.

Observe the pitch and be patient

It can become all too familiar to race around the pitch following the ball, but its important to play your position and use patience to get the upper hand. Whether you’re playing 1v1 or as part of a team, constantly following the ball around can leave the goal exposed, so make sure you watch its movements and take your opportunity wisely. Sometimes you have no choice but to race after the ball, but if you can, defend the goal, pick your moment to strike, and make use of the entire pitch.

Build up your boost

Across each pitch, there are speed boost panels that you can drive across to build up a boost. Try driving across multiple panels so that you have maximum power. It becomes essential for driving back to protect your goal after a failed shot, and also race faster towards a potential shot on goal. Even if the ball is further towards your opponents end, drive over some of these panels whilst you wait for your opponents offence just so that you’re covered with the highest possible speed boost.

Understand the science of jumping

There’s a science in jumping in Rocket League, and it’s all about angles and trajectory. Practicing where to hit the ball as you jump for it can make the difference between an accurate shot and a dud. When the ball flies high into the air, judge your potential hit with patience, as jumping too soon will mean you miss the shot. It won’t take long before you’re finding the right ways, but make use of practice mode so that you’re a beast on the attack.

Work hard for your look

There’s a lot of customisation in Rocket League, but you’ll need to play a lot to get some of the awesome Rocket League Items up for grabs. Whenever you play a match, you’ll unlock items and Rocket League Crates, earning you new decals, wheels, and more. They don’t really help you stat wise, but over the years Psyonix has added so many awesome looks it’s a real joy playing around in your garage to try and get the perfect look. There’re also a lot of different cars, with some being available to buy, and others available to unlock. Put in the hard work, win matches, and you’ll find that the more items become available. Work hard, play hard, customise harder.

Know the Rocket League Trading is the way to go

Waiting for that item you’ve been waiting for to drop can take a lifetime, so knowing how to trade and request items adds a brand new layer of fun. Fan sites such as Rocket League Garage and Player Auctions offer plenty of Rocket League Trading options, such as auctions to bid on items, and players offering potential trades. It’s a great way to get into the other layer of the game, and adds another layer of excitement beyond the actual thrill of the game.

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