PES League World Tour 2018 Americas Round Finalists Announced

by on March 19, 2018

Konami has announced today the finalists for the PES League World Tour 2018 Americas Round, the finals event for the second season of Konami’s eSports competition for PES 2018. Twenty solo players and ten co-op teams will compete in their respective brackets, winning cash prizes and even a place in the Europe Round; the finals event of the third season, to be held in May.

The solo finalists are:

  1. TioMiit_PW (France)
  2. josesg93 (Spain)
  3. Henrikynh0 (Brazil)
  4. mayageka (Japan)
  5. Andry_pumas (Mexico)
  6. GuiFera (Brazil)
  7. Alex Alguacil (Spain)
  8. Fmestre12 (Brazil)
  9. MelianTheKing02 (Argentina)
  10. cgdyea (Japan)
  11. aazbabysk (France)
  12. valber_GYN (Brazil)
  13. FigoVN (Vietnam)
  14. MITO NOWITZKI (Brazil)
  15. Ettoito97 (Italy)
  16. Host Country Participant (Argentina)
  17. Ghalbim (Brazil)
  18. Paulinho_99 (Peru)
  19. Jhona_KRA (Peru)
  20. Cegole (Peru)

That’s quite a varied list. It’s a similar story with the co-op teams:

  1. Neo Esports (France)
  2. TOTAL FOOTBALL (Netherlands)
  3. TopPESBrasil – A Squad (Brazil, funnily enough)
  4. Bidon FC (Argentina)
  5. PESHK (Hong Kong)
  6. PQM (Japan)
  7. KK FC (Argentina)
  8. Отца CITY (Russia)
  9. elrey-sayajiinuc17 (Chile)
  10. Tiki Taka Aereo (Brazil)

You can go to Argentina to watch the finals live on March 31st, but that might be a little far for you to travel. Understandably, really. Otherwise, you’ll be able to watch livestreams via Twitch, Facebook or Youtube at 9am ART, which should be around 1pm BST (the clocks will have gone forward by then).

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